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Who We Are

 ACMW is not for profit organization. Organization exempt under section 501(C)(3) of the code are further Classified a public charity under the code section (s).

ACMW was established in July 2005 by women under the leadership of Ms. Bazah Roohi for the empowerment, development, protection and promotion of human rights of women in the United States, and particularly in New York. This organization was incorporated with the State of New York in 2009.The goal of the organization is to promote, protect and develop minority women in social, legal, educational and economic sectors.

American Council of Minority Women awarded (2011) community’s number one organization.

Basic Activities included:

 ACMW has provided a platform for women to mobilize them for self-reliance, economic well-being and self-development. Seminars were organized to provide women basic training about social behavior and public speaking manners and etiquettes.  Also, ACMW organized seminars on Domestic Violence to make women aware about their basic rights. Many minority women especially of South Asian background are not well educated and have lack of knowledge and information regarding their fundamental rights. It is a great opportunity for women to learn about their rights and protective laws in the United States.  The purpose of these seminars was to make them aware about their fundamental, social and family rights and elimination of domestic violence.

The Officers and Board of Directors of the American Council for Minority Women (ACMW) invited the honorable officials to visit our office located at 1090 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn, NY 11230. ACMW’s officials availed the opportunity to demonstrate some of their responsibilities that they had been performing from the past five years.  Also, the agenda of the meeting was to discuss some social and domestic issues related to women, and it was an opportunity for women to bring their issues directly to honorable officials. 






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