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Food Pantry

Brooklyn is inhabited by a low-income South Asian migrant community. Most of the population is illiterate; many are seeking work or have low-wage jobs. Poverty is on the rise in minorities so most of the social and psychological problems associated with poverty and lack of education are seen in this community. 

For the reason, the ACMW Inc. decided to supply food to those poor women who are not eligible for food assistance programs, or those who are getting insufficient public assistance. ACMW is making them aware about public assistance as well as providing food to them. 

The first food pantry took place on December 28, 2009 at ACMW office and all the women members participated in the inaugural ceremony. They made donations and showed their zeal and commitment for the continuation of the pantry. 

Food bags of basic provisions were distributed to fifteen women, and these bags are being distributed every month.

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